This fabulous brand new invention solves the age old question: Where are my glasses?

Until now your choices for keeping your reading glasses handy were to either wear them on your head or hang them from your clothing. Both of which can cause loss or damage to your eyewear.

What if you could keep your glasses handy at all times without a cord or chain, easily put them on your face and back on your neck with 1 hand, and still have a stylish frame. These patent pending neck hanging readers accomplish all of that with an attractive, lightweight frame that includes a coordinating protective case.

Check out these features:

  • Super lightweight frame weighs only 0.6 oz, and the case only 0.4 oz. That is a total package weight of only 1 oz.
  • Extra long temples will fit a large man comfortably, but will also fit a lady thanks to its ergonomically curved temple design. The same design that holds it securely in place whether on your face or hanging on your neck.
  • Will not interfere with hair as a cords or headbands do.
  • Can be worn with collared shirt.
  • Will hang securely even during vigorous activity.
  • Unisex styling in 3 colors / patterns
  • Case and frame measure only 7” x 2.5” x 1.5”